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Yuengling in State College PA

I made it back to Minnesota with the same number of teenagers with which I left. That’s one goal met. We had a great time in New York City, but we also enjoyed some of the smaller towns along the way home.

Old Main

In State College PA I explored the campus while the kids were rehearsing before dinner. I enjoyed the area which was full of students both on and off campus.


After the concert, we were sent to stay in host homes. My host, Pat, was taking the four female chaperones for the night. She was a lovely widow, originally from Crookston, Minnesota, who cooked some snacks for us and talked with us all evening.

She offered us wine and beer, since we had some time to relax away from the students.

Of course I went for the beer, and Pat gave me a Yuengling! I considered myself very lucky at that moment in time.

I had never tried Yuengling lager as it doesn’t travel this far west. Yuengling is the oldest continuously operating brewery in the United States and its original amber lager is highly acclaimed on the east coast and beyond.

For these reasons, it has been on my must-try list for quite some time.


The lager has more character than some in its style. It pours a medium amber, darker than I expected, and has some light caramelized malt character. The sweetness doesn’t take away form the crisp finish or slightly hoppy aftertaste.

The amber quality of the lager fainly reminds me of a Sam Adams, but it isn’t quite that heavy.

It was a beer after several days of stress, hurry, and …stress. And I enjoyed drinking it with our host in lovely State College.



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