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Vacation, all I ever wanted…

What I didn’t really want is someone to be clipping their nails behind me on the plane. Twice. I mean, that’s a no-no, right?

Austin suitcase

But that’s one of very few negative things I can possible come up with about my fantastic trip to Austin, Texas! It was the perfect vacation full of new friends, spontaneous discoveries, brewery visits, great food, and even some relaxation.

This is the semi-annual period where ABV turns into a travel blog, which some of you love and some of you …don’t. Tune in about a week from now if the latter is the case.

When I arrived in Austin the temperature was about 40 degrees, but compared to the -15 when I left Minneapolis, I wasn’t complaining. I made my way to South Congress to the Airstream trailer where I would be staying for the first part of my trip.

Austin Airstream

If you’re wondering about the trailer, it is smaller inside than it looks. It was also not very airtight which became evident on the coldest night recorded in Texas this year. But I stayed warm and would definitely do it again (but maybe in April next time).

S Congress sigh

I began walking north and my first mission was food. I stopped at a food truck simply called Crepes and was surprised to see that they had put a Thai spin on the classic street food. I had a green curry crepe with pork that was very tasty.

Crepe stand

Continuing on my walk, I stepped into a shop called Uncommon Objects which reminded me a lot of Hunt and Gather here in Minneapolis. The walls were decorated with non-traditional thrift store items including animal busts, a dental case, batik stamps, and jewelry made from found items.

One of the last stops on my South Congress adventure was at a boutique called Creatures. I met Phia who was working behind the counter. She was just one of many very nice people who was there to offer local advice and chat with me about Austin’s unseasonably cold weather.

creatures sign

Finally, I stopped in two other places worth noting before continuing north to downtown. Blacklist, which contains a mix of the slightly bizarre to the enticingly noir, and Parts & Labour, a great spot for gifts including posters, records, and even kid’s clothing.

It was a brisk walk to the river and across the bridge which leads into downtown Austin. The capitol is visible the entire way, thanks to early laws that prevented buildings from blocking its view and also due to the foresight of wide roads (so wide when they were originally developed that they have never needed to be widened).

congress through d-town

Austin Capitol

I took a bus for the last 10 blocks to the capitol, where I made it just in time for a quick tour.

TX capitol

It was very informative, led by a knowledgeable guide named Byron. He showed me the breathtaking rotunda, the six seals representing the owners of Texas over the years, as well as the House and Senate gathering places.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After my time on Capitol Hill viewing incredible art, absorbing history, and appreciating the efforts of so many Texans, I strolled over to the eastside where I would meet up with the ladies of Bitch Beer for a special event!

That’s coming up next. Also, stay tuned for a tour of 512 brewing!

S Congress boots


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