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Urban Growler is open

Deb and Jill of Urban Growler took the scenic route in their brewery opening. After years of fundraising, planning, and building, their dream has finally materialized in their little slice of industrial Midway heaven.

UG cheers

Despite a hotly anticipated Grand Opening to happen on August 27th, fans of Urban Growler are aware that the beer has been flowing for a few weeks already!

St Anthony Park and the surrounding neighborhoods are being reinvigorated by places like Urban Growler, “located just five blocks off of the Raymond Avenue Station of the new Green Line along the eclectic University Avenue corridor. With Bang Brewing right next door (literally!), Burning Brothers Gluten Free Brewery within a mile, and Tin Whiskers at the end of the line in downtown St. Paul, the new Green Line is a great way for enthusiasts to get a taste of the evolving St. Paul craft beer scene.” – Jill Pavlak

I have had high hopes for Urban Growler from day one. I visited last weekend and left with a big smile on my face, muttering something like “yessss! I knew it.”

Urban Growler City Day

I started with the City Day Ale, a hazy-orange Kentucky common based on the recipe for Bourbon, but made to beer strength. Similar to the version at Sisyphus, this one isn’t sour, but it is delicately tart and refreshing.

Aside from top-notch beer, the service absolutely sets Urban Growler apart from the dozens of new Minnesota breweries. In my time at the bar, I heard multiple servers using appropriate language to describe food pairings, styles and history, and to discuss Sunday Sales. It was very impressive. In a space that is full of character, with the right amount of openness and coziness, it feels like a comfortable barn party.

The Cuban sandwich was very good, served with plain crudites, which, given their house-made ranch, didn’t disappoint me at all. The thick-cut ham and ciabatta creation was just the right size for the price.

urban growler cuban

Jill explains that the favorite beer is up for debate, but overall the crowd has been pleased. Those who previously shied away from wheat beers have expressed their enjoyment in the rhubarb, and expanding people’s palates has been very fulfilling.


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