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updates, changes, new beginnings

No one likes to have a Define The Relationship talk, but it’s time. I have some updates to share with you, my loyal readers. It’s been years since we started this thing! May is the perfect time for reinvention. Some changes are coming, some things will remain the same, and at least two (2) very exciting projects are on the horizon.

First of all, I am here to tell you that ABV isn’t going anywhere. However, you’ll be seeing fewer original posts than in the past. Instead, you can expect more deep dives in 2019. Look forward to in-depth looks at a few destination breweries in Wisconsin, St. Louis, and beyond (is distribution becoming passé?); a Minnesota nonprofit, Brewing Change Collaborative, encouraging diversity in the industry; and my beverage-focused take on Food Halls. And if long format isn’t your thing, that’s cool. I’m planning more activity through social media, as well as a monthly round-up of what I have been enjoying.

Additionally, you may see my work on other platforms. As a writer dedicated to all of you, I struggled to maintain a body of work in my personal voice on ABV while working at Heavy Table or while developing education for breweries. I’m taking a new approach, if only for my own mental health : if you see my name behind something, trust that it’s coming from my voice, whether here or out in the wild.

current projects

Beyond the written word, I want to alert you to two other ongoing projects — one that feels rooted in the past, and one sure to shape the future. Dan Beaubien of Beerploma and I have taken up a new monthly habit – drinking and talking about it live in a feature we are calling Second Sip. Technologically speaking, it is a work in progress. Engagement-wise, though, we have been surprised at the positive feedback and the interest in actual reviews. Second Sip was started as a way to practice tasting and encourage others in their endeavors to taste beer, too. It happens every second Thursday at 6pm central time via Facebook Live. Starting this month, May 9, we will still discuss tasting and general beer happenings, but at 6:45, the last 15 minutes will be dedicated to a review.

Finally, I am thrilled to tell you that I am working as part of a team of four to bring an actual print magazine on food, beverage, and culture to the masses. It’s Meal Magazine and our Patreon is now live. I’ll announce more about this project next week, but please take a look at the campaign and consider supporting what legitimately could be the next big thing in food writing.

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