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Thirsty and procrastinating?

Still shopping? Just thirsty? Or maybe you REALLY need to get out of the house. Read on.

For those who are getting a bit tired of errands, cleaning, worrying, gift-receipt-saving…take a break! I sincerely recommend paying Fair State Brewing Co-op a visit. Located north east of downtown, Fair State is conveniently located near Middle Eastern, Mexican, and Thai food, so nix the cooking, too. Grab some take-out and bring it with you, because you may not want to stop drinking to make that food run.


My first visit was met with four different wheat beers – two hefe varieties, a sour weizen, and an imperial wheat. That is the level we are dealing with here. More recently, I uncovered a British bitter and a glorious American strong ale. Put down the glue gun and have a drink.

If you don’t have much time to drink, perhaps because you put off your gift buying for as long as possible, let me make two suggestions. First, check out Vikre distillery gift baskets. This dazzling array will suit the entertainer or spirits connoisseur perfectly. Complete the package for someone special by just taking your loved one to Duluth. They can shop for exactly what they want, not to mention taste the spirits at the source, and tour the place.


No road trip in your future? Well that’s sad. Instead you should enjoy Vintage Beer by Patrick Dawson. This easy little read takes a scientific yet whimsical approach to cellaring beer. It would be perfect for the friend who has dusty bottles squirreled away for the precise moment they reach their peak.

Vintage Beer is fascinating because it develops the practical aspects of what happens to beer over time. Rather than speaking in generalizations, Dawson puts the science to the test. Graphics and detailed descriptions of specific beers are contained in this book. Check it out!

SS Winter Welcome

Cheers and Merry Christmas!


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