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the tiny begyle brewing, chicago

Michigan Ave

So when industry insiders make suggestions, my ears perk up. And when multiple brewery professionals mention the same “you gotta try” more than once, you just go. It’s that simple.

Begyle Chicago

Begyle Brewing. Staff at Revolution and Half Acre claimed it as a favorite and I had never heard of the place. It is within walking distance of Half Acre and multiple forms of transportation. There is no reason not to go.

Begyle is so small that they only serve 750s and growlers out of their location, meaning there is no taproom or seating. When we arrived, the gentleman behind the bar poured us several samples and chatted about the selections including the Imperial Pajamas Coffee Stout, Hophazardly IPA, and Barleywine.

Their model is co-op meets CSA with a twist of crowdfunding. They offer memberships that vary in commitment and perks. See their website above for details.

I enjoyed the IPA with strong pine and citrus components, as well as the coffee stout. A bit of alcoholic heat tempted me to age the bottle that left the brewery with me.

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Take a short stop at this tiny gem the next time you’re in Chicago. They’re a total class act with excellent beer and a bright future.

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