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The Faces of Beer Media 2019

The Beer Now Conference is over a month in my rear view mirror (and I mean that quite literally since I roadtripped my way there) but the memories are still fresh. As I reflect on the state of the craft beer universe and the backdrop of Montana’s Golden Triangle, the story ideas are beginning to make their way into print.

Philipsburg Brewing Company, Montana

The conference itself is phenomenal. The content is timely and valuable, and I find myself looking back to the annual refresh of information, trends, and discussions throughout the year — not to mention looking forward to upcoming content. But above all, I appreciate the people involved. From the organizing staff, to the speakers and brewers like Ben Johnson, above, lead brewer at Philipsburg Brewing Co. And above all, I fondly await greeting my fellow attendees. Even as an extroverted introvert, these people have become close friends. 2019 in Great Falls, Montana, brought a cozy mix of new and old faces. Here are just a few. Consider them your go-to experts on their local scenes and national trends.

Rita Treonis // hails from : Chicago-ish // specialty : Instagram, especially stories that make you feel like you’re there. Follow along. // @earmoth

Huck's Beer Buzz media

Huck // hails from : a camper, or Williamsburg, VA in the off season. // chosen media : radio and literal stickers. But Untappd will work, too // @hucksbeerbuzz

Andy Hoffman of Taproom Travelers

Andy Hoffman // hails from : Eau Claire, WI // specialty : impromptu videos mostly aggregated on Facebook, beer tourism tips // @taproomtravelers

Stephanie Grant, Atlanta native and passionate contributor to the local and national beer scene, was a new face this year. She was always engaged in conversation (even in this photo!) and I wish I could have gotten to know her better. She’s a powerhouse writer and her work has appeared all over the dang place. Here’s hoping for next year.

Stephanie Grant Atlanta Beer media

Stephanie Grant (pictured with Jeremiah Johnson) // hails from : Atlanta // interests : beer and food, Atlanta’s female-driven beer scene:

Hamilton Riley of VA Brew Review

Hamilton Riley // hails from : Richmond, VA // specialty : his backyard — a dedicated local blogger through and through //

Greg Washington with Sterling Stokes

Greg Washington // hails from : Madison, WI // specialty : live video, beer tourism, and candid tasting notes via @daddyporter

Greg is pictured here with Sterling Stokes, Jr. Sterling, a Virginia writer, weaves his beer material with music, Virginia happenings, and everyday life. He gave an enlightening talk on cooking with beer and encouraged us to move beyond marinades and sauces to more sophisticated recipes. Sterling and I agree on at least one thing – step away from my beer with that lactose. He’s intolerant. I’m just…not tolerant.

Jeremy Hylen of Brewery Finder

Jeremy Hylen // hails from : Oostburg, WI // co-founder of @BreweryFinder – // fun fact : he’s also a pastor (yes, they like fun)

Allo Gilinsky of Craft Beer Concierge

Allo Gilinsky // hails from : San Diego, CA, formerly Boston // known for : education and passion — getting the right beer in the right hands // @beerconcierge1

Zach Rosen of Pair Beer

Zach Rosen // hails from : Santa Barbara, CA // known for : hosting epic pairing events and inspiring even the most jaded industry pros // @pairbeer

Zach gave his second Beer Now presentation this year. This time, he inspired the whole room with his take on beer’s ability to transform everyday experiences, from scientific – like a flavor’s sensory effects on the brain, to art – pairing beer with a botanical garden. You will not find a more passionate speaker than Zach, and you will walk away spinning with inspiration.

Beer Now 2020 will mark the festival’s 10th anniversary. The location has not yet been announced, but I encourage beer media members to attend. As displayed here, the participants offer just as much to their peers as the expert speakers do. Beer Now has helped me shed my insular, Minnesota-only lens and has spurred me on for the better.

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