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The Doggery, Rochester

doggery first round

Sure, Manhattan is probably the top hotspot, with LA on its heels. Chicago holds it own, with a strong emphasis on gin and fernet for whatever reason. Minneapolis is more than a blip on the radar, and I’d give a nod to St. Paul, too. But at least one bar in Rochester, Minnesota, is rocking it out like they aren’t aware they’re in…well, Rochester.

doggery taxidermy

In the main room, the decor is very appropriate and cohesive, from mirrors and grandfather clocks, to tasteful taxidermy and plush seating. It conjures elements of Constantine and Parlour but offers something unique.

Our visit was during service of their fall menu, but here were the highlights:

doggery cocktails

If sweet or tart is in order, the Steve French offers heavy citrus from lemon-infused gin plus mild sage notes, but the complexity lies with the chartreuse.

We are looking forward to visiting at the start of the new year to explore the winter selections.

To locate the Doggery, look to the right of Tessa’s office and The Tap House – if you pass the antique store you’ve gone too far.

doggery english garden

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