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The Alcohol by Volume gift list

It’s December and you’re procrastinating your gift-giving again. True, some people can be very hard to shop for, or simply have everything they “need”. But the holidays aren’t really about needs, anyway, they are the perfect time to show someone you are thoughtful, not to mention motivated enough to plan ahead.

16oz Society photo

16oz Society photo


16oz Society photo

Take the archaeological dig out of your holiday hunt and go with one of these sure-to-please ideas. As opposed to your typical, offensively sexist (meat cookbooks for men, spa products for women) or monotonously boring guide, here are some lovely, local, and personal choices!

Beer apparel is never the wrong gift. This year, help your beer-loving wife, neighbor, or bestie show her support for the beer of the north coast! Check out my favorite new tee from The 16oz Society proudly displaying Lake Superior beer. Also choose from several other states, in men’s and women’s styles.

If apparel isn’t the best option, handmade ornaments are also a perfect gift, especially for the new home owner or friend with a particularly naked Christmas tree. I found some great hop ornaments at the recent Bauhaus Brewing craft fair, Made by Hands.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to go, let me catch you up to speed – it was divine.


As a proud craft fair regular (and former vendor, if you can believe it), I was happy to see many new faces and products not entirely found at local boutiques or even other fairs. One such booth was Create Laser Arts. I was very impressed by their wooden hop ornaments (above) in several styles and finishes. For those on your list who are going treeless or celebrating another winter holiday, give the gift of a special cheese board. Bonus: the board is sure to see some use this season!

credit: Huffington Post

credit: Huffington Post

Hoping to keep it simple by merely wrapping a six pack for your brother-in-law and calling it good? Class it up and start a conversation at the same time with a mixed six pack and a wooden holder. Stop by the Four Firkins and I (or one of my darling co-workers) would be glad to customize something special. The holder comes in several stains, in made by a local artist, and is complete with bottle opener – perfect to take to the next bottle share or picnic!

credit: MN monthly

credit: MN monthly

An excellent gift for the booze-loving chef, DIY-er, or cocktail-curious in your life is a way to personalize what’s behind the bar. Try this Make Your Own Bitters kit from local mixing professionals, Easy & Oskey. In forward-drinking flavors like habañero and cherry-vanilla, their guests are sure to benefit. For $45, it is a bit of a splurge for a 10oz result, but the brand is committed to quality.

I hope some of these brief gift ideas set you in the right direction this week. More ideas to come. Happy shopping! (And sorry to spoil a surprise or two for my beer friends.)

I was not compensated in any way for these suggestions.


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