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stone tap, hudson


The building itself is part of what makes Stone Tap special. Built into a historic hotel in Downtown Hudson, exposed brick walls and dark wood door thresholds ground the place and set a tone that automatically root the place as an establishment.


Stone Tap is classified as a gastropub with a focus on beloved local brews as well as other exceptional beers from around the country. Many of the beers served are not available outside of Wisconsin such as New Glarus, Dave’s Brew Farm, and Ale Asylum – another fact that makes Stone Tap special for those of us from Minnesota.

The food menu features local ingredients and simple preparations that put the focus on quality and freshness. There are several unexpected dishes such as Bahn Mi as well as some of the usual suspects.

We were all happy with our beer and food choices at Stone Tap. I appreciate the beer list which states only the important beer stats to help guests make a decision. 


I thought my ham, apple and cheddar sandwich wasn’t quite in balance – the whole thing tasted overwhelmingly like mustard – but the charcuterie plate and brisket sandwich were spot-on.

The service was a bit off, but with ipads for order entry and the endlessly changing kegs and pricing of a new restaurant, a few weeks should be enough to get the place prepped for their official Grand Opening on August 11th.

Stone Tap is a very welcome addition to downtown Hudson, which contains a mix of the old and new and is gradually becoming more refined thanks to San Pedro Cafe, Pier 500 and Brick’s. Stone Tap will fit in and stand out at the same time.


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