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steel toe is on a roll

I’ve said it at least a dozen times and I will say it again: Steel Toe Brewing knows what the heck they’re doing. Call me biased as a St. Louis Park native, fine, but the beer coming out of Steel Toe has historically been extremely consistent, high-quality, and most importantly, tasty.

De Bruyne ST

Recently two new releases have made a splash in the taproom and beyond. De Bruyne, a Belgian-style dark strong ale that made it to only a handful of retailers, was a reminder of the breadth of abilities at Steel Toe. It pours a light brown color with orange a red undertones and smells like stone fruit and spice. The taste of figs and caramel is sweet at first, but a pleasant earthy, mild bitterness cuts off what would otherwise be too much. Low to medium carbonation and a moderate body are appropriate to the style. It’s a wonderful sipping beer, displaying more complexity as it warms.

Collision Course

I am looking forward to trying more new releases as they come, including Blood from the Barrel, which is the De Bruyne modified by Malbec barrels.

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