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risk taking and beer drinking.

A few weeks ago I took what, to me, was somewhat of a leap by applying for a (very part time) job in the beer industry. When I first saw the job opening I didn’t even hesitate to apply and did so within hours of the posting. Then I hesitated to actually push then send button.


A lot of thoughts were going through my head. I knew that a huge number of people would apply. I knew that I had no professional beer experience. And I knew that I probably wasn’t the person they were imagining. I nearly talked myself out of even trying.

In the end, I did apply. And about a week later I completely put it out of my pessimistic mind and told myself I had absolutely no chance. I only told two close friends about my secret desire to get the job.

patio beer

I was feeling pretty good about my performance and my chances until today, when I was told they filled the position.

While I don’t feel terrible, I am pretty disappointed. I thought I would have done the job quite well. The wind is kind of out of my sails at the moment, but I think I would try again in the future.

Tonight, I’m headed to the Beer Dabbler’s Pride Beer Festival in Loring Park. Perfect timing for my first beer festival, and only blocks from my house. I’m very excited to try some new local offerings and their creative food truck pairings.


I’m grateful to my friends who supported me in applying for the job, and cheers to taking risks, no matter how small.


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