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Pryes Brewing makes its debut

Former homebrewer Jeremy Pryes is the new roomie over at Lucid’s Minnetonka brewing facility. Taking the spot vacated by Badger Hill, and brewing alongside the owners and Bad Weather Brewing, is Pryes Brewing Company (Bad Weather will be moving out soon, as well). The company was founded in 2012 but the beer has only been commercially available since about 6 weeks ago.

Founder Jeremy Pryes has experience in the food world and also serves on the board for the Community Hops Garden in south Minneapolis. He is certainly not new to brewing and has been a beer judge for years.


Pryes Brewing has one beer available at several local bars and restaurants, their Miraculum IPA. This beer drinks like a double IPA due to the very high amount of hops and what seems like more alcohol than is reportedly present. It is also fairly heavy in the mouth.

Prepare for big herbal and pine aromas and extreme bitterness throughout the taste. The notes of resin are overwhelming to the other flavors resulting in a less-than-complex IPA. There is a pleasant and mild fruitiness on warming which does add some dimension, but overall a pint feels like overkill.


Due to the complexities of the Lucid “alternating proprietorship” model, Pryes’ location is merely temporary. Benjamin Schuster of Pryes told City Pages, “Eventually, we want to be located in the more dense, urban, and industrial areas of the Twin Cities, but are still early in the process of exploring a more permanent home. We’re looking to open a production facility as well as a small taproom with unique beers, meads, and other craft drinks.”

While I would not order this beer again, I am eager for their next release


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