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Pretty Metal by Modist Brewing

I'll keep this short. God knows you have some Zoom meeting you are late for right now. But if you're in that Zoom meeting and it's been put on hold by some coworker's neighbor's leaf blower, Read on. I've got a nugget of advice this week during your liquor store run: buy Modist Brewing's Pretty Metal. It hits shelves starting 11/10.

Sure, one important plus is that these cans will not explode in your fridge from residual sugar under pressure. What's more, that Pretty Metal is a wood-aged beer with all the foeder flavor and only 5% ABV. Hell, you could drink it during that Zoom meeting and be just fine.

You superfans may recall Modist put out a similar black lager last fall, but the oak character really makes this one a head-turner. In a world (and by world, I mean a very small, COVID world -- my house) full of a lot of beer to choose from, how many beers really stop you in your tracks? This one does. I had to pause Great British Bake Off and take it in properly.

The aroma is modest and subtle with faint roast, while the first sip saturates a little bit of everything within the mouth -- from toasted malt to vanilla, and Saphir hops keeping the whole package in check. Dark chocolate malt and roasted caramel black malt combine with the oak to bring the almost-burnt crème brûlée combo, but don't overlook the base malt. Modist has employed a specialty BSG malt called Eraclea Pilsner grown near the Adriatic Sea and known for its honey notes.

Black lagers are infinitely pairable, especially with fall foods. The oak twist means that the beer's character will stand out beyond a typical schwarzbier to encompass subtle-sweet foods like pumpkin pie and roasted stuffing. It will have a consistent place at my autumn table.

Check the Modist socials Tuesday 11/10 for the delivery schedule.

Get back to work.

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