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off the rails, over the moon, and vote!

Let me take a minue between pints, tours, photos, and travels to express my sincere gratitude for readers and friends like you.

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Blog followers have meant so much to me from day one. The mere fact that other humans subscribe to read my words the moment they are written both warms my heart and challenges me to deliver quality content. The credit for the growth that I have experienced as a writer goes entirely to those of you who support and encourage — and sometimes drink with — me.

Being nominated for the Growler Kind of a Big Deal awards has been such a pleasure. I am so honored to be recognized in two categories, as Best Minnesota Beer Writer and Best Beer Blog. Nominations are strictly based on the public’s vote, so to me this is extremely high praise. Many of you have made a point to congratulate me in person and I am overwhelmed by the support

learning the refractometer at Canal Park

learning the refractometer at Canal Park

What’s more, many of my readers and friends have prompted several good ideas for stories and dicoveries this year and countless Couchsurfing hosts have made this possible. I unearthed much of Denver’s beer scene becuase of another writer, Lilly Sue, and gracious host and homebrewer Andrew. I was invited to guest brew this spring at Canal Park, making a pilsner with the talented Jeremy King. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to give a talk to Urban Growler staff about women in beer. And right now I am researching Minnesota’s growler sale policies all because of my friend Ian’s frustration over accumulating the cumbersome containers.


Thanks a hundred times over to all of you. On the rare occasions when I open my laptop and think, why am I spending so much time on this? Does anyone even care?  I know the answer is yes. It is incredibly motivating. I owe you all a beer.


And I look forward to another year of your good ideas, questions, rants, and challenges.


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