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northeast to go!

Two brewing operations out of northeast have recently put their product into convenient carrying packages for all the world – or in this case the Twin Cities – to enjoy. I’m talking about bombers from Fair State Brewing Cooperative and 16oz cans from Sociable Cider Werks.

Sociable exterior

I visited Sociable for ABV back in the beginning stages of production to get a sense of their identity. There was much confusion about how a cider producer could have a taproom and also brew beer, since cider is made under a vintner’s license. As it turned out, as many may know by now, they do not produce traditional apple cider. Ironically, what they are trying to do is re-create that very traditional dry cider taste, but in a non-traditional way.

freewheeler pour

Fast forward to today and things are going very smoothly for Sociable. On the occasions that I have visited, the place is absolutely booming. They have hosted several large industry events, host music and outdoor games, and have their own sort of food-truck-in-residence by Ian Gray, formerly of The Gray House. The majority of their apple beverages are gluten-free due to the use of sorghum, or gluten-reduced via enzymes. There are usually about 5 on at a time, plus about 3 beers.

Now in 4-packs of 16oz cans is their Freewheeler Dry Apple Graff. It’s dry and tart character plus high effervescence makes it akin to a dry prosecco and the apple flavor isn’t at all false. In fact, it may not pack enough apple for some people, but I find it very refreshing. The aroma almost reminds me of a beer made with lacto.

Not long after my visit, the man behind the beer at Sociable, Niko Tonks, left to co-open Fair State Brewing Cooperative on NE Central Ave. Their official opening was September of last year. The first of their bottled beer went to market last week.

fair state logo pour

Now available in bottles is their Fair State IPA. It is a classic West Coast style IPA featuring herbal, citrus, and resin notes from the use of Horizon, Chinook, Crystal, Columbus, and Amarillo hops. It is certainly bitter, but that fact is masked in pleasant malt notes and late-addition hop aroma. These tasting notes sound pretty boring, but it is anything but. There are many intangibles to this beer. Go try it for yourself!

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