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New Glarus in Stoughton, WI

The second beer that was offered to me on my chaperoning adventure was in beautiful Stoughton, Wisconsin, near Madison. It was our last night of the trip and the couple that hosted us had an incredible patio and deck in their yard. We saw two gold finches, several robbins, mourning doves, and a hummingbird!


Beth and Chad offered us the New Glarus Edel Pils, a tasty Czech Pilsner style beer to put the cherry on the top of our relaxing evening.

Chad and beer
Edel Pils

It has substantial flavor and body without being heavy. The mild fruitiness or high carbonation isn’t really true to style, but the complexity offered by Saaz hops definitely is!

I would absolutely drink more of this beer if given the chance. Its a pretty good Pilsner and an excellent spring or summer beer. New Glarus does not distribute to Minnesota, they can barely keep up with the demand in their own state.


I would also love to go back to Madison to visit more new breweries — my time there in August was short, part of my very first beer tour!

I’m very grateful to our hosts Beth and Chad not only for the beer but for the great conversation, hospitality and yummy breakfast.

We made it home safely with all 50 teenagers intact. There were lots of sick kids, so I was a busy nurse trying to keep sore throats from spreading, running to the pharmacy, and making only one trip to urgent care in New Jersey. I’m happy to be home!


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