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mission amber: Stevens Point and Full Sail


This weekend while at a friend’s housewarming, I discovered the Stevens Point Brewery Summer Sampler Pack. Two of my favorite Point beers were inside: the 2012 Black Ale and the Pale Ale. A third beer, one I would have previously ignored, was what I resolved to drink.

It’s part of my effort to rediscover ambers.

The bottle was not in the cooler for long enough, but I couldn’t complain, it was free beer on a patio after a 12 hour day.

The Point Amber was an okay beer, but far from my other Point favorites. It was true to the amber style in that the hops and malt were nicely in balance. The aroma is grainy but there are hints of hop, too. The taste, unfortunately, lacks characteristics – it’s a very boring beer.


The malt is a bit one-dimensional and the bitterness holds no other interesting characteristics. The beer worked well with a long game of ladder ball, and then I moved on to better choices.


A few days later I dove into my amber stash from the Four Firkins, starting with Full Sail.

This was an amber the way it should be.


The copper colored ale has a bready aroma and the first flavors are sweet malt. There is subtle toffee and the beer is wet and moderately carbonated. But the hops creep in and cut through with a bitter and piney taste, resulting in a rounded, balanced experience.

When it come to these two beers, I’ll be reaching for the Full Sail without a doubt.

But I’ll be picking up a Steven’s Point Summer Sampler, too — I’ll just use the ambers for beer brats. Win-win.


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