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Lake of Bays and other northern beers

Despite the recent surge in Twin Cities breweries – LynLake, Insight, Eastlake, and more – I have been somewhat of a shut-in for a few weeks.

I had oral surgery (damn all wisdom teeth to hell) and have been working far more hours than normal. I have enjoyed having a bit of free time to write for my other committed gigs, too. But, as a result, I have been consuming more of the beer that is squirreled away in my house rather than going out. Here are some notes on what I’ve been enjoying!


I’m here to tell you that Lake of Bays aims to please (Americans) with this one. It has a beautiful aroma, full of earth and pine. Slight citrus, molasses, and anise are background notes. The body and carbonation were spot-on, the malt was not an afterthought, and I found it terribly drinkable.


During my wisdom teeth recovery, I found the Evil Twin Christmas Eve at a New York City Hotel Room stout to reliably deliver a much-needed buzz. The body was the main strength of this new Evil Twin; the extreme roasted malt character was borderline overwhelming and astringent. I enjoyed the roast at first, but I had to split the 12 oz with my interim volunteer nurse.

I recommend pairing this with Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (pictured) and a very hearty stew.

On a family vacation to Ottawa I had the privilege of trying the magnificent beer by Innis & Gunn.


Personally, I believe Innis & Gunn to be one of the most underrated breweries on the market. Aside from their terrifying clear bottles, they are doing everything right to deliver quality product. Now if only the Edinburgh brewery could deliver to the U.S….

The rum finish adds exactly what you’d expect: a bit of hot, Carribean, spiced lovlieness.

It did not disappoint. I was super glad I risked bringing it through customs. Now I’m already craving another.


Don’t worry– I have been going out once in a while! I enjoyed a visit to Eastlake during their opening week. Service was very good and the vibe was chill and put-together. For more details about the saison pictured above, see Heavy Table.


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