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kind of a big deal

Growler Magazine recently published nominations for the 2nd Annual Kind of a Big Deal awards. These are prestigious awards among the Minnesota beer community, and a very wide variety of solid choices creates some difficult decisions. Categories are quite diverse from best specific brews to best happy hour to beer art.

For my 200th post, here are some choices and categories I would like to highlight based on 199 writings and experiences. But don’t give me the last word – go vote!

Town Hall Tap

On the other hand, many voters may not be so opinionated about Best Hombrew Club, but since my own Bitches Brew Crew is not represented, I’ll just say that The Primary Fermenters are a class act.

What can I say about the choices for Brewery or New Brewery? Everyone has their favorites and there are no wrong choices. The 651 Craft Beer Bar contest is tough, whereas the 612 version has some glaring oversights – Red Cow, Pig & Fiddle? Alas, the choices are impossible to narrow down.

Summit Falls fest

There are no bad choices within Best Beer Blogger and Best Beer Writer categories. Check out the options – Beerploma, Jack of All Brews, Land of Sky Beer Waters, MNBeer, and MN Beer Activists. I frequently consult Michael Agnew‘s writing when it comes to beer expertise, and Doug Hoverson’s Land of Amber Waters is a must read of Minnesota beer history and anthropology. Other must-reads are nominated including Ryan Tuenge, Andrew Schmitt and Jeremy Zoss.

612 Turman

In terms of individual brews, I’ll throw out some thoughts. The Fruit/Spice Beer category is tough with Indeed’s Sweet Yamma Jamma, Schell’s Shocked Radler, and Third Street Jack’d Up all in competition.

And while Harriet has a corner on the Belgian Market, the often overlooked Boom Island is producing one of the absolute best beers in Minnesota – the Brimstone Trippel.

Finally, Dangerous Man definitely needs some credit in the Stout department for their Chocolate Milk Stout, but Badger Hill should get a shout out, too, for a vary solid rendition.

In the future I would like to see more clear boundaries, especially for the individual brews. Why Michigan’s Founders Brewing Company could be nominated in several categories but Brau Brothers and Fitger’s are not represented makes no sense to me. Or Odell for that matter, if the public could nominate any beer.

In any case, many bars, beers, artists, and beards that deserve recognition are a part of the Kind of A Big Deal awards. Go to Growler Magazine to cast votes for your favorites!


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