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James Page Voyager

Since before I could drink – legally – and even before I was really interested in alcohol, I’ve wanted a James Page neon sign. Even though my name has an “i” in the middle, I still think it would be pretty cool to have one!

Since my birthday is coming up on Saturday, I’m again thinking about how much I want one! I’ve searched Ebay, the bowels of the interwebs, and beyond. I can’t even find a picture of one to show you all how cool it would be to have in the window of my condo! This year, I’m considering calling Steven’s Point – where James Page is brewed now – and begging.


Well, for now I’ll settle for drinking one.

I’m drinking the Voyager Extra Pale Ale, which is perfect on this muggy summer evening.

It pours like a a typical EPA with a medium to light amber color and moderate off-white head. I can smell some citrus and grain immediately.

What I like about the James Page Voyager is that the bitterness adds to the refreshing characteristics; rather than making me thirsty or feeling heavy, the whole profile of the beer is thirst-quenching.

The malt flavors are significant but light and the finish is quite short.

James Page began brewing in Northeast Minneapolis in 1987. They fumbled a bit with their first few releases and failed to stand out. As previously discussed, James Page was responsible for the first beer brewed with wild rice (a favorite food which I happen to be cooking on the stove right now). Along with Summit Brewing Company, JP faced stiff competition from near and far, everything from Leinenkugel’s to Samuel Adams.


Despite efforts to expand and add a bottling line in 1995, James Page never really overcame their debt. The recipes were sold to Schell’s in New Ulm in 2002, and were then purchased by Steven’s Point Brewing in Wisconsin.

During my visit to Steven’s Point in the fall, I was so happy to see James Page Beer alive and well!

If you happen to come across a James Page neon sign (whether via hyperlink, dumpster dive, or minor theft) please let me know. I will be forever indebted to you.

Source: Doug Hoverson’s Land of Amber Waters, given to me by my lovely couchsurfer, Alistair.


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