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James Page is now JP

It a world of ever-changing, constantly updating, persistently new beer, there are also a handful of beers that have undergone rebirth, rebranding, or a major change.

JP Chai Porter

One of these beers is James Page.

If you seen any cans labeled “JP’s” lately, you’ve witnesses the major rebranding. That’s right – the can at left is the new James Page!

James Page always thought of himself as an adventurer. As the founder of one of America’s original craft breweries in 1986, James Page Brewing Company brewed bold and original styles of beers at a time when microbreweries were starting to emerge as a force in the beer industry. One of the first craft beers to be put in cans, James Page was always ahead of the curve. In honor of his courageous spirit, we introduce four new adventurous brews ‘with a twist.’ Available in full-wrap six-packs of 12oz. cans, JP’s brands from the James Page Brewery will show you another side of his adventuresome character.” -James Page website

It is not clear to me whether this is a complete change, or if this is a new series that will accompany the traditional bottles.

Chai Porter

The brew is definitely sweet, even for a porter, so be sure that is what you are looking for.

I am excited for this new series which includes four adventurous brews: Caspar White Stout, A Capella Gluten Free, and Ould Sod Irish Red IPA.

Pat’s Tap is currently offering JP’s Chai Tea Porter in cans, get out and try it.


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