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I’d like to give Bang Brewing a hug.

It’s not breaking news or anything – Bang Brewing Company has moved in to the Midway/St Anthony neighborhood of St. Paul. What IS news is that they now have two beers instead of just one (and I love them) !

Bang Brewing Co

They are located, well, pretty much in the parking lot of Urban Growler, and I made my way there after work last weekend [above, photo credit:]. I predict that I’m going to be spending lots of time on this single city block.

BBco tanks

After attending a vastly successful open house for Urban Growler, it struck me that Bang Brewing must be somewhere near by. As I was trying to map the location, I nearly ran into the out-of-place silo that is Bang Brewing.

“This is it!” Said my friend Lea.

I have to say that it is the coziest little silo I have ever been in. It is a feast of textures – some patches of grass, reclaimed wood, and shiny, shiny steel.


The coziest part about the place is the owners, though, Sandy and Jay Boss Febbo. Sandy took lots of time to chat with our group and she did include one cautionary tale…

After overhearing us comparing Minn – their mild ale –  to some homebrew, she exclaimed: “be careful! That’s how this gets started!” She gestures around her. Indeed.

Sandy and Jay started out as homebrewers and decided that they wanted to open a truly organic and sustainable brewery. They have made solid efforts to use recycled and sustainable materials. Much of their wood was re-purposed from the area near the Mill City Ruins and they also support the Mighty Axe Hops Hub organic hops cooperative. When they could not find a suitable building, they built their unique space.

Sandy and Jay

The brewing couple is quick to say that they have brewed all of their beer together (which is not sappy only because it is true). Aside from one batch which Jay “hogged”, Sandy is proud to discuss their joint venture.

I tried the Minn, Bang’s take on a mild ale. It has a steady and serious bitterness that balances the significant malt backbone. Despite the bold flavors, I can see how this fits into the “mild” realm based on the grain bill.

Others in the group sampled the Neat Very Pale Ale and were kind enough to give me sips. It has a bright and slightly sweet opening with an unexpected hop finish. I enjoyed both beers but the Neat was a bit more my style.


Minn Bang

The little patio was quite charming and the eclectic mix of people and wide open doors felt incredibly inviting. I can surely see myself drinking at Bang Brewing again in the future. I have a definite appreciation for what the company is doing; they have started small and really left themselves room to grow. And that is so exciting!


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