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[have you tried?] Pat’s Tap

[have you tried?] features a small glimpse at the underappreciated brew, a neighborhood gem, an oldie but a goodie, a new classic, or an often overlooked.

Pat's Tap menu

Pat's HH

Pat’s is the good kind of predicament in the arena of choices — I love the patio but also crave the well-established interior. And when it comes to the beer list, I never know where to start. First, they support canning, so my props there. And they serve up some serious taps, too, including some on nitro, one mark of a serious beer bar!


You had me at Canifesto.

Epic Hopulant Nitro
Deschutes Obsidian Nitro

Kevin went with the Deschutes Obsidian Stout, also on nitro. The bubble bath head is ridiculous and the only other word it brings to mind is luxury. Toffee and coffee dominate the aroma, although some chocolate comes through, but in a thin way, almost like Hershey’s syrup. The malt is toasty and sweet with some smoke that creeps in after swallowing. It has an easy bitterness in the finish that serves to round out the taste a bit.

Pat’s Tap is worth driving around the stupid K Mart in the middle of Nicollet Avenue and it certainly deserves a nod for its service to good beer. The food is superb and the variety of fare from hipster to upscale diner will please most people (even my 80-something grandmother).

Skee Ball PT

My only recommendation would be listing sizes on the beer menu. I’m not saying they need to list IBUs or other nerdy things, but it is often nice to know how much beer you’re ordering.


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