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As part of my work at The Four Firkins Beer Store I was invited to create a “curated six pack” of beer. As the Firkins has the largest selection of single beers in Minnesota, there were very few stipulations put on my compilation. I couldn’t repeat beers that had been selected by those before me and I couldn’t pick any seasonal beers. I am honored to have my selections featured this month at the store!

You may remember my amazing Minnesota Six-Pack as part of Bryan Roth’s Six Pack Project. In contrast to that selection, I did not chose any Minnesota beers. I wanted to showcase other beers from around the world. My six beers represent a journey through my years of drinking.

Here we go!

Tank and Laguinitas

At graduation time some months later I had the task of tracking down canned beer for a Pedal Pub celebration. Not wanting to sink to the canned beers of beer pong (I was graduating, after all) I visited the Firkins at the old location and was surprised to find that many fantastic beers come in cans. I opted for Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. A great beer for many occasions, I’ll let you know that this was the classiest beer pedaling down Washington Avenue that evening. Chocolate malts and real dark chocolate are used in the mash, creating a layered flavor that is intense without becoming too sweet.

Sand Creek sign
SC flight

Although I didn’t know it at the time, being quite a novice, I now consider the ESB style to be among the most underrated with its delicate balance and little for a brewer to hide behind.

I only venture into the world of cider when something truly calls me to it in an awfully compelling sort of way, and the Schilling’s Ginger Cider is unmatched in that sense. Being a ginger lover and an apple orchard junkie, this cider only makes sense. Relatively new to Minnesota from Washington state, this semi-dry burst of fresh ginger and apple is like no other beverage on the market.

Rush River Boxes

I’ll never be a serious hop head, but I will clamor over weaker people if it means getting my hands on a Rush River Double Bubble. This imperial IPA has a robust malt backbone that stands up to its pungent hoppiness. This beer was originally developed to be a summer seasonal, but is a seasonal no more for fear of revolt. It is made with local honey and comes from River Falls, Wisconsin, with love.

Duchesse and Growler

I hope you enjoyed my little beer journey, and head over to the Four Firkins in St. Louis Park to pick one up.

And if you could chose six beers to represent yourself, what would you choose?


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