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Falls Liquor Beer Festival


I had a weird day. I’ll spare you the details, but my building was burglarized and I’m not feeling very soapbox-y. Instead I’d love to tell you about a very successful, small, rainy beer festival that I enjoyed on Saturday as a follow up to my bad festival experience earlier this month.


I was fortunate to be pouring for Badger Hill and I had so much fun telling people about the Minnesota Special Bitter and High Road Everyday Ale.

Odell Signs Falls

There were about 10 breweries represented, plus the liquor store was pouring a few other beers. Many rare and special bottles were on raffle as well as brewery swag and other items. The very low admission price was donated directly to the food shelf!

Lagunitas Falls

Several factors led to the success of the festival, despite its size or the below average weather. The people pouring beer were stellar. Nine out of the ten had above average knowledge about their brews, in my opinion. This made it so fun to wander around, chat, and taste.

Brooklyn Magic Hat Falls

There was an exceptional variety and selection of beer and no American adjunct beers were anywhere in sight. Local brews made up about half of the beer, and the out-of-town beers were very good. Each time someone approached me for a sample I asked what their favorite was and everyone had a different answer!


I tried a sip of several beers between rushes and during set-up time. I sampled Deschutes Fresh Squeezed – an exceptional IPA, Flat Earth Element 115 California Common, and Schell Shocked Radler among others.

Crazy Mountain Cans

The oddball brewery was Crazy Mountain out of Vail Valley, Colorado. I spoke with Klaus of the Clear River distribution company and he told me that the beers are for the most part very traditional styles with a unique twist. And when he says unique, he means it. Their wit is brewed with chamomile and grains of paradise!

This Ale is our take on a classic Belgian Wit Beer. To make this beer unique, we add un-malted wheat, rolled oats, two varieties of classic European hops, chamomile, curacao orange peel, coriander, grains of paradise, and a rare yeast strain from the Old Country.” –Crazy Mountain

Deschutes Falls

badger Hill display falls

This was the first official Falls Liquor Beer Festival, but I hope it is a tradition that continues. And the raffle results? I’m sorry to say I did not with the Game of Thrones beer by Ommegang. There’s always next year.

Summit Falls fest


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