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exploring hinterland

Hinterland Ch Wheat

I’ve loved Hinterland beer for most of the last calendar year. Unfortunately, that affection started just after my whirlwind brewery tour of the state of Wisconsin, so I am sorry to say I have never been there.

Hinterland’s Luna Coffee Stout and the Maple Bock are two of my absolute favorite beers. My most recent date with Hinterland involved the Cherry Wheat and it was another hit.


Hinterland brews out of an old meat packing plant in Green Bay, Wisconsin and serves their beer at an attached restaurant as well as in two other restaurants in Milwaukee and Fish Creek.

Since 1995, owners Bill and Michelle Tressler along with brewer Joe Karls have been producing several year-round beers as well as a handful of seasonal favorites. “Currently, we brew eleven beers, some very traditional and others somewhat extreme.” – Hinterland

Cherry Wheat Hint

The Cherry Wheat is the summer seasonal, and I have been sitting on the bottle for a while. Cherries often cause me to tread softly as it is a flavor I have only recently grown into. The fresh, tart cherry flavor is very authentic, though, and doesn’t set of cough syrup or Kool Aid alarm bells at all!

“Our Door County Cherry Wheat pours a golden, orange hue. The frothy two finger off-white, slightly pink-tinted head fades to leave a spotty lace. The slight aroma of cherries doesn’t over power the soft wheat smell. These flavors play wonderfully together, neither overpowering the other in taste. With a medium-light body, Cherry Wheat leaves you with a mildly tart Montmorency cherry finish.” -H

Maple Bock

Keep your eyes peeled for Hinterland beer and jump at the chance. The second I see the Maple Bock in January, our long, cold winter and short days will get a bit warmer and brighter.

If you have never tried Hinterland, there will be a tasting on Tuesday at The Four Firkins in St. Louis Park. Check it out!

[photo credits: Hinterland, Beer Pulse]


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