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even better jenga

This is a quick shout out to say that whoever did this to the Jenga at Dangerous Man is a hero. I want to give this person a hug and a gold star.

Jenga blocks

So, (surprise!) I met up with some new friends at Dangerous Man. Elliott, who I met through Couchsurfing, was visiting from Montana but is formerly a St. Paul resident and Ale Jail employee.

Jenga Tower Elliott

I ran to the games cabinet to find Jenga while we sipped Chocolate Milk Stout, German Alt, Belgian Table, and Coffee Porter. As we dumped out the blocks we found that they had been transformed into a new truth-or-dare sort of game.

Some of the things we were dared to do include: Find and eat 10 breathmints, high-five a stranger, confess our biggest fear, use the other gender’s bathroom (nearly everyone had this one at least twice), text and call random people in other peoples phones, among others.

block messages

This was the ultimate ice-breaker for me, and not only with our table. It sent me timidly giving compliments to people around the bar because my Jenga block told me to.

So whoever did this, I’d like to buy you a beer. And give you a high five.

playing jenga


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