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East coast, sans beer. Enter friends.

Tomorrow I am leaving for a trip to the east coast with stops along the way back. I am chaperoning a group of teenagers on their summer trip for church choir. It’s a pretty long story as to why I am going, as none of the students is my offspring, but suffice it to say I’ll be there for 9 days without drinking.

Bittersweet, huh?

NY style pizza

I am very, very excited to visit New York City, Philadelphia, Hershey, Columbus, and South Bend! I will be drinking vicariously via several friends and fellow bloggers who will be writing while I am away.

Two fellow beer lovers from Minneapolis will drop in, as well as folks from all our destinations! It will be exciting to hear other voices of beer during my time away.

There will be travel updates from me, too, and most likely a little foray into food blogging and lots of photos.

So stay tuned, but it’s BYOB!


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