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Dangerous Man Grand Opening!

pints and logo

Dangerous Man (finally) opened in Northeast Minneapolis yesterday. In a neighborhood  already saturated with breweries, what makes Dangerous Man stand out?

exterior DM
opening crowd

two pints

We tried the Red Cream Ale, DM’s lightest brew, and the Matchbox Coffee Porter.

Kevin’s initial reaction to the Red Cream Ale was a shrug of the shoulders. Nothing great. After a few sips by both of us we did uncover more subtle characteristics, but they were fleeting and underwhelming. The moderate grainy malts toward the finish were very pleasant and some light hops up front added complexity.

communal table

The Matchbox Coffee Porter was very

Dangerous Cheers!

The beans come from Matchbox Coffee, DM’s neighbor.

My only criticism is that the intense coffee flavor is likely masking the other more complex or subtle components in the beer. Or maybe its not, who can say?

beers in the window

I really enjoyed the space and the ambiance despite the feeling of a sardine can. It is appropriate in its surroundings in terms of design, and in fact it doesn’t even feel new.

My hope is that they remain focused on their beer and rise above the hype of these first few days. Minneapolis, especially Northeast, has so much to offer in terms of beer that Dangerous Man will have to claim something either unique or remarkable in order to maintain its niche in the market. I do want to go back and try some of their other beers especially as their production evolves.

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