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Dallas, baby.

One week from today I will be visiting Dallas and seeking out all the beer the city has to offer. As with Boston, I have a nursing conference during the day (I’m presenting my research! How exciting) and in the evenings I will be beering it up with Couchsurfers and locals.


Dallas does not boast a large number of breweries, but the ones they do have are well-loved.

  1. Peticolas Brewing Company – 2026 Farrington St, Dallas

  2. Deep Ellum Brewing Company – 2821 St Louis Street, Dallas

  3. Community Beer Company – 1530 Inspiration Dr Ste 200, Dallas

  4. Four Corners Brewing Company – 423 Singleton Blvd, Dallas

  5. Humperdinks Texas LLC – 6050 Greenville Ave, Dallas

There are also a handful in Fort Worth and in Plano, and brand new breweries that aren’t listed on most travel lists yet!

credit: Who is Brew

credit: Who is Brew

Drink Beer Save TX

Peticolas and Tye Dye Brewing are also on my short list. Obviously I’ll be checking out the pub and beer-bar scene, too, and maybe bringing some Texas beer back to Minnesota!

Do you have experience with Texas beer? What is not to be missed? Oh and if you know someone who lives there and has a nice couch, shoot me a message.


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