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edited fabric

I still sew  – my shower curtain is pretty bitchin’ and I have a lot of pillows – but I don’t sell my stuff much anymore. I also spend lots of time in the kitchen and crafting other things around the house.

On a lazy Saturday I spent some time reconnecting with my crafty side and taking some time for myself. My day was spent at the gym, framing Adam Turman prints, baking a cake, and painting squash. The day, of course, ended in (craft) beer.

Glam Doll Bacon

That’s right. I ate a raised donut with maple glaze and smoked bacon and didn’t feel bad about it even a little bit.

Then I went to the gym in order to remind myself that life balances itself out.

After a back workout and some serious crunches I wandered over to the Kitchen Window cooking studio to take part in a free baking demo!

Kitchen Window

We were instructed in a step-by-step method of making a delicious chocolate cake. My partner Denise and I got to work.

choc cake demo


chocolate cake

painted squash

Lakefront Pumpkin

This take on a pumpkin beer showcases interplay between maltiness and spiciness done in a lager style so that neither overtakes the other. The aroma has moderate spice and the deep orange-amber color is perfection. There is a sustained crackery malt with pleasant accompanying ginger, allspice and cinnamon. The balance includes a peppery hop character that is lingering but not sweet.

Lakefront pour

Try starting your day with a Glam Doll bacon donut and ending it with a Lakefront Pumpkin. Fill in the rest with whatever really makes you happy, and you’ll go to bed smiling.


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