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Columbus Is Brewing [Guest Post]

Columbus! I took this from our news chopper.

Columbus! I took this from our news chopper.

Let’s start with some full disclosure here. I’ve only lived in the central Ohio area for a little over six years. I also work in TV news, schedule is insane and to top it off I am a dad, so the whole night life thing? Well, I’m not the guy for that.

This daywalker explores the beer world of the Arch City when I get the chance and luckily for me, Columbus is really exploding when it comes to the beer scene.

There are all kind of great bars that feature tap upon tap of craft beer that is both local and from around the country. Whether you want to sit down at a chain like World of Beer or the newly opened Pint House and Beer Garden in the Short North, you have plenty of places to choose from, but like I said, the bar scene is not my game.

At my last count you could find at least 12 different home-grown crafter breweries here in the Columbus area making my current home a great place to boost your growler collection.

A full Zauber growler of Stodgy Brown!

A full Zauber growler of Stodgy Brown!

My personal favorites would be Zauber Brewing Company here in Columbus and Rockmill Brewery in Lancaster, OH.

Even if local craft beer isn’t your thing, Columbus feature three local distilleries. My vote goes to Watershed Distillery, who crafts an excellent bourbon to go with their gin and vodka.

When it comes to myself I mostly stick to drinking my own homebrew and that of the beers my friends concoct on their own time.

I’ve only been making my own beer for a little over two years now, but it’s safe to say that my hobby is more of an obsession. The process of making your own brew and passing it on to friends who enjoy it provides one with sense of craft and accomplishment. Plus it’s BEER!

Central Ohio has a robust brewing community too. For my day job, I recently shot a story on the AHA Big Brew, Cbus style, that was held locally at Columbus Brewing Company.  It was a glorious spring day where homebrewers threw down their boil and enjoyed some suds together.

So whether you want to make beer, drink it, or both, Columbus, OH has got you covered. If you’re interested, I write about my adventures in beer and my own views on the world of brew with my own blog, Home Sweet Brew. Come check it out! I’d like to thank Paige for this fun experiment in guest blogging.

Cheer’s y’all.


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