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cherries and chocolate at indeed

Indeed Brewing has experienced resounding success with their sour cellaring program, which began at the beginning of this year. Their Wooden Soul series, which is meticulously cared for off-site, so as to keep the souring agents separate from their flagship beers, takes place at a microbial level within hundreds of wooden barrels. As with any souring experimentation, many different types of barres are used, namely wine.

Wooden Soul #3 indeed

On the sour end of things is the third installment of the Wooden Soul series, a blonde ale with cherries, aged in an undisclosed type of barrel. Whether or not you like cherries, this beer utilizes the fruit to its fullest potential, harnessing its color ad tart notes. Much of the fruit flavor, if you will, is fermented out, but after a few sips the cherries soon make themselves subtly known. A nice cereal finish rounds out what is otherwise a very puckering experience. Well done.

The polar opposite beer is the Derailed Imperial Double Dangerous Chocolate Nitro Whiskey Queen Milk Stout, which uses, as you might have guessed, whiskey barrels. It is viscous, sweet, and heavy. Sip them both and you have a heavenly chocolate covered cherry.

indeed chocolate and cherry

What works well here is the ability of the whiskey to amplify the alcoholic richness without adding the sweetness that bourbon often does. It avoids the pitfall of being too much.  For those of you beer nerds out there, I learned from other beer nerds that this is the same base beer as Rum King. Whiskey Queen just goes into different barrels.

It’s a good time to be a barreled beer lover. Get yourself to Northeast.

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