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by george, drink up!


The box revealed twelve beers (it really was like Christmas) and instead of geese a-laying, I got IPAs, stouts, and sours. Pulling each bottle and can out of the box brought immense excitement.

Why ship beer? After all, it is expensive, cumbersome, and, in some cases, illegal. Shipping beer is something that many serious beer drinkers do quite often. While I seldom do it, I can absolutely understand the thrill of receiving something that would otherwise be totally unavailable to me.


I want to highlight two of the cans that I have enjoyed so far as both comprise some of the best beer I have tried this summer.

First, for the beach  – before the fall gets the best of us – the Real Ale Gose 18th Anniversary Ale is a standout winner with a very unique flavor. Minnesotans may recognize Real Ale as one of the three collaborators behind Blakkr.


Berliner weisse, kottbusser, and gose means a reinterpretation and modern take on each of these nearly-lost gems.


Despite the salt and lime, it is nothing like a Corona or a margarita – it is definitely beer! Colorado’s Odell Brewing collaborated on this recipe to help Real Ale turn voting age. Congrats (and thanks for this one).

The next beer was prefaced for me by the package’s sender with the words “btw this is my favorite beer of all time now so drink that asap”. Okay.

Fort George 3 Way IPA was the beer in reference and on first sip I absolutely did not question why this is the new favorite.

Located in Oregeon, Fort George Brewery occupies the original settlement spot on the US west coast and was previously a central part of the Pacific Northwest’s fur trade. The building has housed the brewery since 2007, and Fort George began their distribution in 2011.

For someone whose favorite go-to beers are categorically not IPAs, this beer BLEW. ME. AWAY. From the ridiculously heady aroma to the satisfying mouthfeel, the use of hops in this beer seems to have been perfected with near-religious dedication.

Inhale the pine and citrus for as long as you can (which will not be long, because it is like a fly to a zapper). Although similar notes are present in the taste, along with some tropical fruit, the malt is not entirely lost. A subtle bready malt works very well with the dank hoppiness.

No word of increased distribution by Fort George or Real Ale, so I suggest making more beer friends in Texas and Oregon.


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