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a Brewvolution and growler paradise [Dallas].

The Texas Brewvolution happened to be taking place while I was in Dallas. It was part of the kickoff for the 3rd Annual North Texas Beer Week. That’s what I call perfect timing.

Brewvolution space

It took place in Fair Park, a unique space full of history and Art Deco buildings that dates back to 1886. It was the location of the Texas Centennial Exposition in 1936 and reminds me of images from World’s Fair grounds.

Fair Park Centennial building

The idea of Texas hosting a beer festival would be laughable until recently: “In the [Dallas Metro] alone, over the course of the last 24 months we’ve gone from 2 local brands to 14, which translates to a growth rate of 600%. Combine those numbers with similar expansion in other cities, and you’ll find there are more than 60 production breweries currently active in the Lone Star State. Suddenly, talk of a beer festival focusing on Texas brands becomes a much more interesting conversation.” – Brian Brown, The Examiner

BrewV crowd
BrewV Southern Tier

The festival was very well organized. Press and VIP ticket holders got in an hour early — a big thanks to Hall’s Liquor for the press ticket. The beer was indoors in the spacious with food trucks and a music stage outside.

Peticolas BrewV

Texas cannot legally allow the sale of “unlimited” alcohol the way Minnesota can at beer festivals. They hand out a card with 16 slots to be filled as you sample.

“The maximum amount of beer Texas allows to be sold at any one time is 24 ounces…The day of the festival, you’ll be able to purchase additional sample cards with another (12) 2oz samples for only $2. Legally we have to charge you something.” –Brewvolution

The only specific beer I’ll mention here is from Dogfish Head. Working in the beer industry, I hear a lot of buzz about this brewery and we cannot get it in Minnesota. For my first Dogfish Head beer, I drank the Bitches Brew in honor of my brewing club.

first dogfish head

The Bitches Brew, made with honey and gesho root, is a popular Imperial Stout with nice chocolate undertones without being overly sweet. The burnt notes and distinct roastiness were very good.

I tried about 22 beers between my choices and sips of Airon’s. So many of the beers at Brewvolution were very big with significant ABV and bold flavors. Frankly I was very thankful that the samples were only 2oz and that I got to try so many different things while not wanting to simply take a nap afterward.

Community BrewV

I wouldn’t change anything about this festival and I was impressed by the knowledgeable staff, the friendly volunteers, and beautiful fairgrounds.

The night before Brewvolution, VIP ticket holders were invited to visit Craft and Growler to pick up tickets. Craft and Growler was on my list of must-see places anyway, so Airon and I visited to grab a flight and I was overwhelmed by the most extensive growler offerings I have ever seen.

Craft Growler sign

Craft Growler selection

adapted from

Craft and Growler has dubbed itself a “beer filling station” which is a perfect moniker. They have dozens of sizes and types of growlers and will fill them with any of their 42 beers. In fact, Craft and Growler has the largest selection of growlers in the world. Founded by two former patent attorneys, the place celebrates local beer and the ability to disperse it to the masses.

Craft and Growler is a must-visit for anyone traveling to Dallas. In addition to growler filling, they serve beer on site including flights.

C&G menu
C&G propaganda

BrewV card

He was just such a beautiful Texan.

He was just such a beautiful Texan.


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