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paige latham didora

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My Vlog

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older blog posts are available in a searchable format over on the ol' Alcohol by Volume blog, whereas newer posts will continue to populate here.


We all tend to compartmentalize our own lives, don't we? We keep parts of ourselves at arm's length from the others as though they should never touch. It's 2020, and worlds are colliding. They will continue to collide. That tidy (and exhausting) compartmentalized life is over.


I am a beer writer and a DIYer and half of a small business in its infancy. I am a champion of craft beverages, a cigar lover, and I run a one-unit Airbnb out of my own home. Why not let live dangerously and let life's compartments comfortably bleed together, like a family-style meal on a too-small plate?

If you have been a loyal fan of my beer blog, Alcohol by Volume, bless you. Bless every single comment and like and critique; it's the foundation that my side-hustle-turned-freelance-passion is built upon.

If you're new here, I hope you will find something you like, whether it's a beer tasting technique, cooking tip, pairing suggestion, or collaboration opportunity. How can I be helpful to you? I teach, write, and champion craft beer, food, and the life experiences enriched by a great beer and a good bite. Poke around in my freelance work, Instagram photos, and shoot me an email if there is something you would like to hear about or partner on. 

My Story

I have embarked on a food and hospitality project with my husband, Rick Didora, who is a chef originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba. It's a long process! We are currently evaluating our real estate options and taking our time to make our physical location as perfect as our loyal fans deserve. Meanwhile, we can be found cooking and pairing in the kitchens of those we love and at the occasional pop-up restaurant. Want to experience local, seasonal food and creative pairings for yourself?

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